Team Leadership Information

Team Leadership Information

To provide the Memphis Community a time to come together, build partnerships and positive relationships through a 6v6 soccer tournament. The game of 6v6 soccer is played on a smaller field but keeps the basic outdoor rules with a few modifications. The Cup of Nations Festival in Memphis will have one division: Above 18 Men’s

The main differences from full field soccer include a smaller pitch and a reduced game duration with no off-sides. There is a one-man system for refereeing games and substitutions can be made whenever, regardless of whether the ball is in or out of play.

6v6 soccer is ideal for all players due to the smaller field and higher repetitions of touches in competition.

The Cup of Nations is a tournament format similar to the World Cup. The first round will be a round robin within your group of 4. The top two teams from each group will advance to the Championship between Group A and Group B. 3rd, 5th and 7th place will also play at the same time as Championship round. Every team will play three (3), 30 minute matches.

Each team should consist of ‘One’ Nationality or each Team should pick a country to represent. Your team name could be “Sudan of Memphis”, Honduras of Memphis, Napali of Memphis, etc.

Uniforms: Teams must all indicate their color on the Team Registration Form. If the tournament is large and there must be same colors, the organizer of the tournament will provide different colored ‘pennies/vests’ indicating the team color. Shin guards are required for each player.

No sliding tackles allowed.

Tournament and League Playing Format

  • 16 Teams will be accepted and will represent a Country
  • Goalkeeper: Yes
  • Maximum Roster: 10
  • Minimum Roster: 6
  • Minimum Number of Players to Play: 6
  • Penalty Kicks: Yes
  • Throw Ins: No, all dead ball situations and re-starts are through kick-ins
  • Off Sides: No
  • Substitutions: Anytime, as long as players are in designated areas
  • Referees: 1 man
  • Game Duration: 30 minutes (two 15 minute half’s)
  • Field Size: Width – 25 – 35 yds, Length – 50 – 60 yds
    **CBU Field Layout: 4 fields 55 yds Length, 32 yds width
  • Goal Size: 6’x18′
  • Point System: Win-3, Loss-0, Tie-1
  • Tie-Breakers to determine finalists: Head to head, Goal Difference, Least goals allowed, Most goals scored, Penalties

Field Layout

Soccer Field Layout

Playing Divisions
Adult: Men Age 18 and older and not currently playing on a TSSAA High School Team

Tournament is sanctioned with US Soccer through USSSA. Tournament director will receive $2,000,000 liability and facility insurance for weekend tournament.
Entry Fee: $75 (entry fee increases to $125 on Friday, 2/1/18)

All games require one center referee.
Mark Herrington will serve as our Referee Assignor